Homestay Paris - Terms of service

1- Intellectual property

Homestay Paris is a website. It is classified as a multimedia work. Consequently, it is regulated by intellectual property code. All generic files of the Homestay Paris website, like all contents diffused by Homestay Paris (in particular the Homestay Paris brand, logos, images, photographs, graphics, animations, videos, texts, music, etc.), are the property of Homestay Paris and cannot be reproduced, used or represented by any means or use.

Consequently, all uses and reproductions are strictly prohibited under penalty of legal proceedings, except with the written authorization of Homestay Paris.

2- Private life and data protection of the members

In accordance with law, Homestay Paris was the subject of a declaration of automated treatment of personal information with the C.N.I.L (National IT commission and Freedom) under the number: 1939214. In accordance with the Data-processing Law “Information technology and freedoms” n° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, we inform you that you have a right to access, to modify, to correct and to remove your contribution to the Homestay Paris website.

The present general terms define the procedures and conditions for the provision of the services (hereafter “Services”). They also define the rights and obligations of the parts within this framework.

These general terms of use constitute a contract governing the relations between the Member and Homestay Paris.

Homestay Paris is available in French and English and possibly other languages.

The present general terms are accessible and printable on the Homestay Paris site under the topic “CGU.” THE INTERPRETATION IN THE FRENCH LANGUAGE PREVAILS.

3- Object

The Homestay Paris Website is called hereafter the “Site.”

The Site offers to Internet surfers, via electronic communication networks, a service that hosts accommodation ads, from the families, aimed at the Students and the Tourists. It permits contact between the people who offer and those who seek a Host Family.

The USERS who offer accommodation and who place an announcement to this end online are called hereafter the “Host family.”

The USERS who seek accommodation and consult the ads to this end are called hereafter the “Guests.”

The Host Families and the Guests are hereafter designated the “Members.”

4- The Site and its Services

The Site and the Services are used by the Homestay Paris company, registered with the RCS of Paris under the n° 449,771,791. The company’s head office is located at Avenue des Champs Elysées - 75008 Paris, France.


Homestay Paris
Avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris

E-mail: Form contact

Phone: +33 (0) 6 18 57 33 99

5- Access and registrations with the Site and the Services

The Site and the Services are accessible to people at least 18 years old who have a full legal capacity.

The Members will personally handle the installation of the computer resources and telecommunications which give them access to the Site. The possible expenses of telecommunication at the time of Internet access and the use of the Site will be their responsibility alone.

6- Acceptance of the general terms

The acceptance of these general terms is effected by the validation of the registration form.

This acceptance can only be full and complete. The Member who does not agree to be bound by the present general terms should not access the Site or use its Services.

7- Access to Site and registration for Services

The use of the Services of the site and its services requires that the USER be registered on the Site, as a Host Family or a Guest. S/he must consequently complete the form intended for this purpose, which is located on the Site. S/he must provide information for the mandatory fields. The USER then receives an e-mail inviting her/him to validate her/his email address in order to confirm her/his registration. After validation, the USER becomes a Member.

Following this registration, an account is automatically opened in the name of the Member (hereafter known as: the “Account”), allowing her/him access to a personal space (hereafter known as: “Personal Space”). Homestay Paris remains the only Judge of the form and the means adapted to offer this Service.

The Member guarantees that all information that s/he communicates through the registration form conforms with the truth, sincerely and without any misleading character. S/he must update this information in her/his Personal Space in the event of any changes.

The information entered by the Member commits her/him as of its validation.

Within the framework of the use of the Services, the Member commits to obeying the Laws in force, the respect of the rights of third parties and the provisions of the General Terms of Use.

The Member is informed and accepts that the information entered for the creation or the update of her/his Account constitutes proof of identity.

The Member can access her/his Personal Space at any time with her/his login and password, which are strictly personal and which s/he alone is responsible for keeping private. S/he alone also remains responsible for the use of the Services in her/his Personal Space.

If the Member notices that her/his account was used, s/he must inform Homestay Paris immediately and enable it to take the necessary measures.

8- Personal Space of the Host Family

The Host Family (hereafter the “Host Family”) can modify its personal information and the information which appears in its profile in its Personal Space.

The Host Family can write and publish its ads in its Personal Space. It can modify or supplement its personal information. It must manage its ads and handle the requests for accommodation that it receives.

The Host Family can access the list of the Guests searching for accommodation.

9- Personal Space of the Guest

The Guest (hereafter the “Guest”) can modify its personal information and the information which appears in its profile in its Personal Space.

S/he must create and manage her/his alerts and handle the requests for accommodation that s/he addresses to the Host Families.

10- Performances of services of the Host Family

Accommodation by Host Families for Students is available for language study, but also for short or long stays for education or training in Schools or Universities in France.

The Host Family can also accommodate Tourists.

The Host Family places at the disposal of the guest an individual room, including: a bed, a bedside table, a cupboard, a table, a chair, a carpet if necessary, linens, etc.

The Host Family allows the access to the bathroom and the toilets.

The access to the kitchen and the living room will be arranged between the two parties before their commitment.

The use of the washing machine.

The use of Wifi if the Host Family has it.

A breakfast is included in the service.

The provision of dinner will be optional and in agreement between the two parties.

The Host Family has the possibility of offering other supplementary services in agreement with the Guest.

11- The online posting of advertisements

The Host Family places online advertisements in its Personal Space.

The Host Family must strictly respect the announcement that it places online by ensuring that the Host Family corresponds well to the provided information, as well as to the offered accommodation and services.

The advertisements are then placed online by Homestay Paris in the form and according to the technical methods which it considers the most adapted to this Service.

Each announcement can be accompanied by photographs to illustrate the residence and the surroundings and must strictly correspond to reality. These photographs may be the object of changes in the technical plan and data processing if Homestay Paris judges necessary.

The Host Family alone is responsible for all the information in its announcement (text, information and photographs) that it places online.

Once the announcement is placed online, the Host Family can modify, supplement or remove it at any moment in its Personal Space.

12- The contact between the Host Family and the Guest.

The Guest can consult the whole of the ads placed online on the Site by the Host Families.

The Guest who wishes to make contact with a Host Family can address to him a request for contact (known as a “request for accommodation”), in a form and according to the technical methods and data processing that Homestay Paris judges the most adapted to this Service.

The Host Family receives in its Personal Space the request for accommodation. The Host Family can consult the Profile of the Guest. The Host Family is free to answer or not, to accept or refuse this request.

The Host Family can consult the whole of the ads placed online on the Site by the Guests who seek an accommodation and make inquiries about them.

13- Reservation and payment

Reservations and payments occur directly between the Host Families and the Guests.

The Host Family is free to decide its prices.

The rates are generally between €25 and €70 per day depending on the location, length of stay and services.

The Guest pays the Host Family directly according to their own transactions, arrangements, and details, and will alone be responsible for such decisions.

The payment of the commission for Homestay Paris occurs online according to the directives on the Site.

The Guest initially gives the payment for the performance of the service to Homestay Paris, which is thereafter committed to placing her/him in contact with the Host Family.

Price of the Site in Euros including all taxes.

14- Obligations of the Members

Homestay Paris informs the Members that they are prohibited from indicating or revealing to other Members, via the Services, information that reveals their identity (except their pseudonym), such as:

- Family name

- Postal address

- Email

- Phone: Landline or mobile

- Facebook

- And any other electronic methods, data processing, etc.

15- Obligations of the Host Family

The Host Family commits to using the Site and the Services in accordance with the present general terms, without attacking the public order or the rights of third parties, more generally, without infringing the laws and regulations in force.

The Host Family commits to respecting all the legal requirements and regulations that apply to it within the framework of accommodation that it offers to the Guest.

It must moreover secure the necessary insurance and the safety of the residence.

It commits to completely respecting the contents of the announcement that it posts. It is also commits to respecting all that relates to the photographs illustrating the apartment and its surroundings, furniture, the offered room and its contents. All announced information must be real, authentic and free from any intention to mislead.

The Host Family must particularly ensure that it updates its reservation plans.

The Host Family commits to illustrating its ads with photographs of which it is the single owner. Otherwise, it must obtain all the authorizations necessary to their diffusion, as well as all the authorizations of the people who are reproduced in the photographs. The Host Family also commits to not infringing any rights of third parties in relation to these photographs.

The Host Family alone remains responsible for all the information in its announcement (information, text, photographs, etc.).

The Host Family must behave in an honest manner with respect to Homestay Paris and other Members.

16- Obligations of the Guest

The Guest commits her/himself to using the Site and all his Services in accordance with the present general terms, without attacking the public order or the rights of third parties and, more generally, without infringing the laws and regulations in force.

The Guest alone is responsible for the information that s/he provides in her/his Profile.

The Guest must behave in a honest manner with respect to Homestay Paris and other Members.

The Guest commits to providing in her/his Profile only correct, real, honest, authentic and non-misleading information, complete and faithful to reality, which are not likely to induce error. S/he must also update her/his Profile if necessary.

17- Obligations of Homestay Paris

Homestay Paris is not obligated to check the real identity of the Members. It is not committed to checking the identity of the Members or the veracity of the contents that they publish under their exclusive responsibility. The Members must take precautions at the time of reservations. Homestay Paris relinquishes any responsibility concerning accommodation and the stay during accommodation.

18- Unsubscribe

The Member can unsubscribe from the Services at any moment, by addressing a request for this purpose to Homestay Paris. Unsubscribing from the Service involves the deletion of the Account of the Member and with regard to the Host Family, the deletion likewise of the ads placed online.

19- Exclusion, responsibility, guarantee

Homestay Paris acts as a Service provider of communication within the bounds of the law on the basis of the digital economy of June 21st, 2004.

As a Service provider of communication, Homestay Paris cannot be held responsible for contents authored by third parties. Consequently, any possible complain must be addressed initially to the author of the contents in question.

Any prejudiced act toward a third party made on the Site can be the object of a complaint to Homestay Paris which, without any commitment on its part, will take the necessary measures for this purpose, in particular the exclusion of the Site and the transmission of this complaint to the relevant jurisdictions.

Homestay Paris declines any responsibility in the event of litigation or dispute between the Members.

Homestay Paris does nothing except place Members in contact, who then proceed to the RESERVATION OF ACCOMMODATIONS DIRECTLY BETWEEN THEM.

Homestay Paris is not responsible for ANY AGREEMENT MADE BETWEEN the GUESTS and the HOST FAMILIES. It DOES NOT EXERT ANY CONTROL with regard to the BEHAVIOR OF the GUESTS, or the ACCOMMODATION.

Homestay Paris excludes any responsibility concerning the ads and the accommodation, the exchanges and the decisions taken.

Consequently, the members are only responsible to carry out or accept their reservations and are alone to support their own risks.


Homestay Paris endeavors to regularly check the functioning and accessibility of the Site.

The availability of the Site could be temporarily suspended due to maintenance, updates or technical improvements, or to enhance the contents and the improvement of its performance.

Homestay Paris cannot be held responsible for difficulties in access to the Site that could be attributed to the obstruction or the disturbance of Internet networks, or for any other reason external to the Homestay Paris Website, having the character of an emergency as defined by French jurisdictions.

Homestay Paris provides the Services without any warranty. Homestay Paris does not guarantee to the Members that the Services are completely free from errors, defects or problems, although it works constantly to improve the Site.

20- Prohibited behaviors

The Member has a fundamental obligation:

- Not to use the Services for ends that are professional, commercial, lucrative (publicity, market research, etc.)

- Not to use the Services to divert the Host Family

- Not to appraise or solicit the Members with commercial aims

- Not to attack the rights and financial, commercial and moral interests of the Homestay Paris Site

- Not to divert the Homestay Paris Services to other ends

- Not to execute activities that are illegal or that violate the rights of third parties

- Not to insert her/himself into the systems of the Homestay Paris Website

- Not to insert her/himself into the computer system of a third party

- Not to attack the public order, to the violation of the laws and regulations in force

- To strictly respect the General Terms of Use of Homestay Paris

21- Sanction

Homestay Paris reserves the right to refuse or withdraw or modify any announcement that does not conform with the law, or that does not observe the general terms of use. It also reserves the right to suspend or remove the Account of a Member in the event of infringement of the laws and regulations in force.

22- Privacy and data of Members

Homestay Paris respects the French and European standards of protection of privacy and the personal data, which are to be consulted in the “CHARTER RELATING TO THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA OF USERS”.

In accordance with the law of January 6th, 1978 related to the data processing, files and freedoms, Homestay Paris declared the treatment of personal data of the Members to the CNIL.

23- Contents diffused by the Members

Homestay Paris reserves the right to insert on its Website, with advertising and promotional objectives, messages and all content posted by a Member. Homestay Paris remains the only judge of the form and the conditions of insertion.

The Members declare that they are informed and concede the right to Homestay Paris to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, digitize, etc. the contents concerning the Members.

The Members state their acceptance of these conditions.

24- Links

Homestay Paris does not exert any control over the websites and external sources. It cannot be held responsible for the provision of links to external sites or their contents. The Members who reach third party websites by way of the Homestay Paris Site, cannot in any case hold it responsible for the contents or services available on these third party websites. In the event of controversy or dispute, the Members alone will be responsible for their transactions and their decisions in relation to the external websites and sources.

25- Modifications of the General Terms

Homestay Paris reserves the right to modify the present general terms at any moment. Any use of the Site and the Services after such modification demands the terms’ acceptance by the Members. Consequently, to remain informed, the Members must regularly consult the general terms on the Homestay Paris Site.

26- Applicable duty and court of jurisdiction

The present general terms are regulated, interpreted, and applied in accordance with French law. The language of interpretation is the French language.

In the event of dispute surrounding the significance of a term or a provision of these general terms, only the courts of Paris will be qualified to judge the case.

The present general terms of use and operations establish the legal relation between the Homestay Paris Site and the Members.